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70.0 L FBM Eco Electric Vented Storage

Manufacturer : Heatrae Sadia
Delivery Time:

3 to 5 Working Days

A self-contained water heater that can be added to a standard system without the need for a discharge pipe.

More Information
Cylinder Type Unvented
Heat Source N/A
Immersion Length N/A
Power Source N/A
Capacity 70.0 L
Finish N/A
Cups p/use N/A

The Heatrae Sadia FBM Eco Electric Vented Water Storage Cistern is a market leading self-contained water storage heater that can be added to a standard system with no discharge pipe needed. One of the strong points of this unit is the predictive maintenance and an automatic fault reporting system, meaning maintenance is easier than ever.

The FBM Eco is perfect for commercial or heavy domestic use, for example, washrooms with multiple sinks or commercial kitchens and is Building Management System (BMS) enabled for remote control or point of use control.

This heater is available in 4 capacities and includes a waterborne bacteria (Legionella) control system. The FBM Eco has a cistern-less design which allows for easier maintenance. There is also easy access through overflow for descaling (by a trained and qualified engineer).

The FBM Eco is easy to install as it has universal bracketing meaning it can be used for first time, replacement or retrofit installation. The is also push fit rotating fixing with multiple installation directions.

SKU / Model / Capacity (L) Output (kW) Dimensions (H x W x D) mm Weight (full) Kg
95040300 / FBM 25 Eco / 25.0 3 236 x 514 x 832 40.0
95040301 / FBM 45 Eco / 45.0 3 278 x 610 x 882 65.0
95040302 / FBM 70 Eco / 70.0 3 278 x 610 x 1230 105.0
95040303 / FBM 120 Eco / 120.0 3 430 x 660 x 1020 160.0

Model Heat up Time (mins) Recovery time (mins) Maximum Working Pressure (bar)
FBM 25 Eco 30.0 21.0 0.15
FBM 45 Eco 50.0 35.0 0.15
FBM 70 Eco 80.0 56.0 0.15
FBM 120 Eco 140.0 98.0 0.15

  • 15 & 22 mm connections.
  • Simple, easy to use, digital interface smart controls.
  • F5-yearyear guarantee.
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