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Megaflo Eco 300.0 L 300dd Unvented Hot Water Cylinder 6.0kW

Manufacturer : Heatrae Sadia
Delivery Time:

3 to 5 Working Days

A high capacity water storage heater, fitted with 3kW immersion heater(s) designed to allow large volumes of hot water for bathing and showering

More Information
Cylinder Type Unvented
Heat Source Direct
Immersion Length N/A
Power Source 1ph
Capacity 300.0 L
Finish White
Cups p/use N/A

The Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Eco Unvented Hot Water Cylinders are high capacity water heaters designed to allow large volumes of hot water for bathing and showering.

The Megaflo is connected to your cold water supply to give high-pressure hot water at the location you choose. It is low maintenance, and is internally expandable to allow higher performance if needed.

SKU Model Specification Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight
95:050:460 Megaflo Eco 70D Direct / 70 L / 1x3kw 802 x 579 x 600mm 123kg
95:050:462 Megaflo Eco 125DD Direct / 125 L / 2x3kw 1102 x 579 x 600mm 173kg
95:050:464 Megaflo Eco 145DD Direct / 145 L / 2x3kw 1229  x 579 x 600mm 200kg
95:050:466 Megaflo Eco 170DD Direct / 170 L / 2x3kw 1384 x 579 x 600mm 228kg
95:050:468 Megaflo Eco 210DD Direct / 210 L / 2x3kw 1486 x 579 x 600mm 249kg
95:050:480 Megaflo Eco 210DDD Direct / 250 L / 3x3kw 1486 x 579 x 600mm 251kg
95:050:470 Megaflo Eco 250DD Direct / 250 L / 2x3kw 1738 x 579 x 600mm 298kg
95:050:471 Megaflo Eco 250DDD Direct / 250 L / 3x3kw 1738 x 579 x 600mm 298kg
95:050:473 Megaflo Eco 300DD Direct / 300 L / 2x3kw  2053 x 579 x 600mm 356kg
95:050:474 Megaflo Eco 300DDD Direct / 300 L / 3x3kw 2053 x 579 x 600mm 358kg
95:050:478 Megaflo Eco 300DDDD Direct / 300 L / 4x3kw 1486 x 579 x 600mm 360kg


  • Internal floating baffle expansion system
  • Pre-plumbed and pre-wired SystemFit and SystemReady options for use with heat-only or system boilers
  • 60mm of CFC / HCFC-free injected foam for the best possible heat retention and energy efficiency
  • High performance 'coil-in-coil' heat exchanger in indirect models for exceptionally fast recovery times
  • Unique 'L' shaped immersion heater maximises the volume of hot water available when heated electrically
  • Titanium electric heating elements on direct models for extra long-life
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